Kerri’s Ramp

mobility ramps

Kerri’s need for a ramp and landing installation stems from lingering issues with her feet. A recent broken foot forced Kerri into a wheelchair, and therefore required an access solution for accessing the back patio. Previously, the entry and exit to the area featured a step. Due to Kerri’s lingering feet issues and now having to manoeuvre in a wheelchair, this step had become hazardous.

As you can see in the images above, Qspec installed a hardwood ramp and landing, as well as a bannister rail for support. The hardwood design ensures longevity and minimal required maintenance, while also providing a fantastic premium aesthetic. Should Kerri be able to begin walking again in the future, the addition of the bannister rail will provide excellent stability support.

The ramp and landing installation has provided Kerri with an easy and safe access solution, with her wheelchair able to navigate the ramp well. The ramp is also making Kerri’s carers job much safer, as she can push Kerri in her wheelchair in and out of the back patio without the risk of the step.

Kerri’s parents are very happy with the ramp installation and believe it looks great and works well. However, they said the birds in their backyard are even happier, because they now have a bannister rail to perch on!

While they hope they won’t need further modifications in their home, they would definitely use Qspec again if required.

*Kerri’s father Alvyn has featured in the above images*

wheelchair ramp with hand rail
hand rails