ceiling hoist

Ceiling Hoists

A ceiling hoist is the most comfortable and efficient way to lift and transport people. The elevating device is mounted to the ceiling to save room on the floor and make it much easier to move around. A ceiling host system saves you both time and resources and allows for smooth and effortless transfers. The use of ceiling hoist systems has been shown to reduce the amount of strain, over-exertion, and injury.

How does Qspec help?

Qspec is the leader in assistive technology on the Sunshine Coast. When installing a ceiling hoist it is important to begin by engaging a specialist team such as Qspec mobility solutions. At Qspec we will examine your ceilings, floor and walls to make sure the track can be mounted as safely and conveniently as possible. There is a functional display ceiling hoist set up in the Qspec showroom at Maroochydore. If you or your client would like to test or view the hoist system, visit our mobility showroom page to learn more.
ceiling hoist