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Non Slip Tiles & Treatments

Wet surfaces are physical hazards in any home and it can be quite easy to slip and injure yourself. No one wants to hurt themselves or see a loved one fall, especially if it’s entirely preventable. This is especially true when you’re in the shower and there’s a stubborn sliding door. However, non slip tiles are not just limited to the bathroom – kitchens, porches and playrooms can all benefit from the extra grip these tiles provide in wet conditions.

At Qspec we offer a range of treatments to improve safety when moving around on slippery surfaces in the home. Our non slip tiles provide excellent durability and extra grip through texturing of the tiles to give added safety for your daily needs.

Treatment Options

Our range of treatment options available for you to choose from will depend on your needs, budget, surface location and surface area.

  • Etch treatment
  • Paint on treatment
  • Non slip tape

If you’re interested in safety proofing your kitchen, bathroom or any tiled area of your home, contact our friendly team of experts at Qspec today!

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