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Plumbing Fixtures

To facilitate at-home living for mobility-impaired individuals Qspec offers a range of mobility specific plumbing fixtures that we can install in your home.

The option of having a long handheld shower hose allows for easier bathing and quarter turn taps make for simple uncomplicated movements. Vision impaired fixtures including railing and solutions for poor grip strength are also services that fall under this umbrella.

What are the benefits

What are the benefits of assistive plumbing fixtures?

Assistive plumbing fixtures make for an easier lifestyle for those with mobility issues. For many, this can mean the difference between remaining independent and relying on a carer. Long shower hoses, railing in bathrooms as well as wall-mounted seats make for a safer environment. Quarter turn taps along with tap transformers are options we also offer for those with poor grip strength.

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lever tap
Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

A thermostatic mixing valve is a great option for combining twist taps in the shower and increasing safety and independence by removing the risk of scalding.


  • Constant temperature
  • No electrics
  • No chance of scalding
  • Safety temperature set button
  • Safe for children and elderly users
  • Cool-touch technology
  • No pipework or tile alteration required for fit
  • Easy to operate

Assistive plumbing fixtures include:

Quarter Turn Taps

Lever taps

Thermostatic mixing valve

Reno transformer