Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology

Assistive technologies are an effective way to aid in mobility. Qspec can install a number of assistive technology NDIS solutions for your home.

Qspec is the leader in assistive technology on the Sunshine Coast. At Qspec we will examine your ceilings, floor and walls to make sure they can be mounted as safely and conveniently as possible.

ceiling hoist

Assistive Technology Options

Assistive technologies are an effective way to aid in mobility. Qspec can install a number of assistive technology NDIS solutions for your home with the ability to automate:

Ceiling hoists

  • Comfortable and efficient hoist option
  • Maximise floor space
  • Effortless transfer
  • Reduces strain, over-exertion, and injury

Automatic Doors

  • Automation available for both internal and external doors
  • Sliding and swinging doors
  • Various unlocking and door opening options to suit client needs
  • Increased home security

Pool hoists

  • No manual lifting required to access the pool
  • Units can be either fixed or mobile
  • Power lifting and lowering mechanisms
  • Press button hand switch operation

Stair climbers

  • High set home solution
  • No stair structural changes required
  • Foldable design
  • Straight and curved staircases

Smart housing system

  • Access – locks and auto openers
  • Security climate
  • Audio
  • Lights
  • Window blinds


  • Fantastic solution for clients who require assistance using the toilet
  • Ladies & rear cleansing
  • Heated seating
  • Simple remote controls
ceiling hoist

Ceiling Hoists

A ceiling hoist is the most comfortable and efficient way to lift and transport people. The elevating device is mounted to the ceiling to save room on the floor and make it much easier to move around. A ceiling host system saves you both time and resources and allows for smooth and effortless transfers. The use of ceiling hoist systems has been shown to reduce the amount of strain, over-exertion, and injury.

Stair Climbers

Stair lifts are a great solution for high-set homes and are fit to the stairs with no structural changes required. The stair lifts fold away when not in use and are available for indoors and outdoors and for straight and curved staircases.

staircase chair lift
automatic door

Automatic Doors

Qspec supply and install automatic door functions for both internal and external doors to ensure our clients have the ability to safely enter and exit their homes while maintaining security.

Qspec offer a wide range of door unlocking options, ranging from push buttons and pin pads to voice activation. The variety of these options allows for the unlocking of the door to be tailored to each client’s specific requirements


The Coway Bidet range that Qspec offers is highly recommended in the health industry due to its user-friendly functionality and ability to be fit to almost any toilet. Further to the high functionality of the bidets, if the client requires support rails to assist them in transitioning on and off the toilet, these can be easily installed. Learn more about the bidets Qspec offers by visiting the bidet page.

To view the full range of toilet accessories that Qspec can install click here.

bidet with remote and grab rail
Pool Hoist

Pool Hoists

The Qspec pool hoist range provides clients with a simple and safe operation that is both comfortable and dignified. Our assistive technology on the Sunshine Coast allows access to the pool, where our clients can select the device best suited to their needs.

Walk-in baths

Walk-in baths offer easy access to the bath for mobility impaired clients that require assistance accessing their existing shower or bath. Various models include wheelchair friendly models and compact variations that fit into existing showers.

accessibile bathroom
Valiryo Body Dryer in Black

Valiryo body dryer

The Valiryo Body Dryer is a fantastic new piece of assistive technology that enables full-body drying with complete automation. The Valiryo Body Dryer is a notable home modification for clients who are unable to dry themselves, have poor dexterity, or a lack of mobility within their bathroom.

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