Assistive Technology

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Ceiling Hoists

A fixed ceiling track system can be retrospectively fit to most homes and allow for smooth & effortless transfers to enhance the safety for the clients & caregivers. There is a functional display ceiling hoist set up in the Qspec showroom at Maroochydore if you or your client would like to test or view the hoist system. Visit our mobility specific showroom page to learn more.

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Stair Climbers

Stair lifts are a great solution for high set homes and are fit to the stairs with no structural changes required. The stair lifts fold away when not in use and are available for indoors and outdoors and for straight and curved staircases.

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Smart Housing System

Assistive technologies are an effective way to aid in mobility. Qspec can install a number of assistive technology solutions for your home with the ability to automate:

  • Access – locks and auto openers
  • Security
  • Climate
  • Audio
  • Lights
  • Window blinds


The Coway Bidet range that Qspec offers is highly recommended in the health industry due to its user-friendly functionality and ability to be fit to almost any toilet. Further to the high functionality of the bidets, if the client requires support rails to assist them in transitioning on and off the toilet, these can be easily installed. Learn more about the bidets Qspec offers by visiting the bidet page.

To view the full range of toilet accessories that Qspec can install click here.

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