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Walk-in Baths

Walk-in baths are an excellent home modification for mobility impaired clients that have difficulty entering and using their existing baths or showers. With a wide array of walk-in bath options available, including wheelchair friendly models, Qspec can provide a bathing solution for you.

walk-in bath information

Walk-in baths are an excellent independence enhancing option for those with limited mobility, providing a future-proof option for our clients.

The baths are easily installed and have the option of being used as combination shower and walk-in bath. The baths are designed to maximise the safety and comfortability of it’s user, with the benefits including:

  • Comfortable seating  and head rest for an upright sitting position
  • A low bath step-in
  • Water tight door
  • Built-in overflow to avoid accidental overfilling of the bath
  • Ability to be added and removed from a bathroom easily when required
  • Can fit most existing bath spaces, shower spaces, and laundries
  • Some options include wheelchair friendly access
  • Easily reachable, open and close quarter-turn fast-flow taps