accessibile bathroom

Why Windsor Walk-in Baths may be the best solution for your bathing needs

For mobility restricted individuals, bathing can often become a difficult and dangerous task. Traditional bathtubs can be hard to step into, and the risk of slipping and falling is high.  Windsor Walk-in baths have become an increasingly popular alternative among those who require added safety and convenience in the bathroom. Here are some of the benefits of Windsor walk-in baths


Home Modifications for Sensory Impairments

Individuals with sensory impairments, such as vision or hearing loss, may face challenges in their homes. As Qspec has grown over our 10+ year existence, we have developed several home modification solutions for sensory-impaired clients.  Here are some home modifications that can help address these challenges: Lighting: Providing adequate lighting throughout the home is crucial for individuals with vision impairments.

access ramp with guard rail

Archie’s Access Solution

The August Home Mod of the Month is the hardwood ramp and concreting installed around our client Archie’s home to provide easier access. Archie relies on a walker for transportation due to mobility restrictions, and was faced with the tough task of scaling stairs to enter and exit the house. The surrounding backyard also contained unstable paths that presented the

access ramp

Janett’s Ramp

April’s Home Mod of the Month is the hardwood ramp & bannister rails installed for our client, Janett. The custom designed ramps here at Qspec allow for independence for clients requiring step-less access without relying on assistance, while the bannister rails provide stability and extra support. Initially, two steps were the only access options onto the patio. Janett and her husband required the ramp

mobility ramps

Kerri’s Ramp

Kerri’s need for a ramp and landing installation stems from lingering issues with her feet. A recent broken foot forced Kerri into a wheelchair, and therefore required an access solution for accessing the back patio. Previously, the entry and exit to the area featured a step. Due to Kerri’s lingering feet issues and now having to manoeuvre in a wheelchair,

change table

Lexie’s Change Table

June’s Home Mod of the Month is the change table and triple stacking door installation provided for our client Lexie. Lexie is 7 years old and has Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome, and has been unable to be toilet trained. For the past 7 years, Lexie had been using an infant nappy change table, of which she had far outgrown around