magnetic door catcher

Magnetic Door Catches

A magnetic door catch opens an entryway, allowing unrestricted movement through the use of strong magnets between the door and its frame. Alternatively, a magnetic door catch is used to keep problem doors shut. This door-to-door mobility is a practical solution for doors that can close unexpectedly or those that want to remain open! At Qspec, when we fix your door catch in place, you also have the option to put in an extension post for easier installation.

What are the benefits of a magnetic door catch?

A magnetic door catch is beneficial for those windy days when you want a breeze to waft through your home or building without the door shutting repeatedly. Or perhaps there is frequent movement between rooms for cleaning or moving furniture. Magnetic door catches are great for stopping a door from hitting the wall and causing gradual deterioration. It’s cheaper to replace a magnetic door catch than a whole door or wall in the long run. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your magnetic door catch.
magnetic door catcher