Archie’s Access Solution

access ramp with guard rail

The August Home Mod of the Month is the hardwood ramp and concreting installed around our client Archie’s home to provide easier access. Archie relies on a walker for transportation due to mobility restrictions, and was faced with the tough task of scaling stairs to enter and exit the house. The surrounding backyard also contained unstable paths that presented the risk of slips and falls. Qspec were tasked with designing and installing home modifications that would enable Archie to freely navigate his home without struggling or any lurking risks.

Qspec removed the pre-existing stairs and installed a hardwood ramp and railing that would allow Archie to transport himself to and from the house with ease. The railing installed provides extra safety and security, mitigating the risk of falls. Due to the ramp being exposed to the elements 24/7, installing a hardwood ramp was the optimal option due to the long-lasting durability the material provides. Hardwood is also the most aesthetically pleasing ramp material and combines well with the existing house design.

Concreting the paths in the backyard was selected as the best and most cost-effective option to enhance the safety of the area. By installing concrete, the paths will remain safe and durable for the foreseeable future, as well as requiring minimal maintenance.

The completed job has resulted in a fantastic modification that now allows Archie to access all areas of his home with ease. Yvette, Archie’s mother, noted that both she and Archie were very happy with the modifications as they work very well. Yvette would highly recommend Qspec’s service for home modifications to anyone who faces mobility restrictions and requires solutions!

external ramps with hand rails
external ramps for wheelchair access