change table

Lexie’s Change Table

June’s Home Mod of the Month is the change table and triple stacking door installation provided for our client Lexie. Lexie is 7 years old and has Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome, and has been unable to be toilet trained. For the past 7 years, Lexie had been using an infant nappy change table, of which she had far outgrown around

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laundry modification for accessibility

Amanda’s Laundry Modification

May’s Home Mod of the Month is the accessible laundry space created for our client Amanda. The redesigned window and bench installation has significantly increased Amanda’s independence and made doing laundry much easier! Amanda required the modification as she is an amputee that was restricted to hopping through the wet laundry floors due to the external door not being wheelchair

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stair lift

Eileens Stairclimbers

This month’s Home Mod of the Month is the stair climbers installed for our client, Eileen. Stair climbers provide our clients with a safe and secure lift up and down staircases with the push of a button! With the addition of stair climbers in the home, Eileen now has the capability to safely scale the stairs without the risk of falls and injuries. Eileenrequired the

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ceiling hoist

Ceiling Hoist Trial

Qspec had the pleasure of hosting a successful ceiling hoist trial for Tiarna & Jess, Occupational Therapist’s from Forbes Care, for one of their NDIS Participants. The aim of the trial was to demonstrate to the NDIA, that with the installation of a ceiling hoist, they would be able to successfully reduce the need for a three person assist to

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concrete resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing Concrete is a fantastic product and for this reason it is the most frequently used building material in both residential and commercial building projects worldwide. Unfortunately, over time it can separate, become uneven, crack and get slippery. These issues are dangerous and create a large trip and slip hazard for the occupants especially if they have limited mobility.

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qspec hiring brochure

Qspec is now hiring!

Qspec Building Mobility Solutions is a mobility specific building company specialising in major and minor home modifications for people with mobility and access needs.  We deliver on the clinical prescriptions of Health Professionals and create safe and independent solutions for clients on a daily basis. Qspec’s name is synonymous with home modifications and we are proud to assist thousands of ageing and

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