Janett’s Ramp

access ramp

April’s Home Mod of the Month is the hardwood ramp & bannister rails installed for our client, Janett. The custom designed ramps here at Qspec allow for independence for clients requiring step-less access without relying on assistance, while the bannister rails provide stability and extra support. Initially, two steps were the only access options onto the patio.

Janett and her husband required the ramp installation due to being unsteady on their feet and being susceptible to falls due to the steps being the only access option. The ramp also offers the benefit of much easier ambulance entry when required. The ramp modification built by Qspec also allows Janett to use her wheely walker with ease without the fear or risk of having to traverse steps. The steps however are still intact and an available option for others use.

Janett and her family are extremely happy and amazed by the independence and accessibility the ramp provides. The enhanced safety has drastically mitigated the risk of falls and improved their lifestyles significantly.

All ramps supplied and installed by Qspec are built in-house. We emphasise the importance of independence and high quality with all our ramps to ensure users who require step-less access aren’t relying on assistance. Material options for our ramps include hardwood, metal, concrete, structural ply, and rubber. For more information, visit our website or contact us today.

non slip accessibility ramp