Stay on Your Feet with Non Slip Treatments

slip warning

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury for Queenslanders aged 65 years and over.  Falls are usually linked to both patient specific and environmental risk factors.  A very effective and simple falls prevention strategy is to reduce hazards around the home and this is where Qspec can help.

The most common environmental cause of slips, trips and falls are slippery surfaces.  To address these hazards, Qspec offers a range of non slip treatments that can be applied to a number of slippery floor surfaces.

Not all products will work on all surfaces; there is no “one treatment suits all” solution so it’s important to work with a home modification specialist like Qspec to ensure an appropriate treatment is applied.

Qspec uses the following non slip treatments:

  • Etch Treatment
  • Non Slip Paint
  • Non Slip Tape

Etch treatment 

How it works:

Non slip tile treatment creates a non-slip surface by micro etching the slippery surface of the tile.  A pattern is created which disperses and channels water from under your foot.  This is the most commonly used treatment.

The benefits:

  • Suitable for all internal & external tiled areas.
  • Simple & quick application with no smells or mess.
  • Treated surface will remain anti-slip safe when the surface is wet.
  • Treated surface can be used immediately after treatment.
  • No or little change in the appearance of the floor surface
  • Proven effectiveness that meets the Australian slip standards.
  • This product exceeds the requirements of the Australian/New -Zealand Standards AS4586:2013, Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface material and the National Construction Code.

For use on:

Ceramic tiles

Non slip Paint 

How it works:

Non slip paint is a textured, acrylic based, UV stable coating that is ideal for creating durable, slip resistant surfaces around the home or workplace. The tough, dried finish resists cracking and peeling.  The paint on treatment changes the visual appearance of any surface that it is applied to.

For use on:

Any porous surfaces such as unfinished timber, concrete or primed metal.


It is a common misconception that this product can be used on ceramic tiles. When used on a non-porous surface, such as a floor tile, the product delaminates after time due to the lack of adhesion (see example below).

non slip tile treatments

Non-Slip Tape

How it works:

Non slip tape is a versatile option for non slip needs. They can be used both inside and out and come in a selection of colours, widths and various grits.

Non-slip tape can also be used a high visibility aid on steps or levels.

For use on:

A range of surfaces from bathroom floors to external steps.


In our experience non slip tapes should only be used in wet areas as a short-term measure. The high exposure to water, oils and detergent often results in delamination after 1 – 2 years.