Non-Slip Treatments

non slip treatment

Falls are a major health issue in the community, with around 30% of adults over 65 experiencing at least one fall per year. Slippery floors are a common cause of these falls but thankfully there is a solution to safeguard against unnecessary and painful falls and they are non-slip treatments.

Qspec offers a range of non slip treatments that can be applied to many different floor surfaces.  There is no “one treatment fits all” solution so it’s important to work with a home modification specialist like Qspec to ensure an appropriate treatment is applied.

Qspec uses the following treatments to reduce the falls risk of our clients:

  • Etch Treatment – This treatment can be used on ceramic or porcelain tiles in the bathroom, shower, kitchen, laundry and any other slippery tiled area.
  • Non Slip Paint – This treatment is used on porous surfaces inlcuding unfinished timber, concrete or primed metal.
  • Non Slip Tape – This self-adhesive grip tape has the highest possible safety rating and is particularly suitable for both internal & external applications on steps, stairways and ramps.

The etch treatment application to slippery bathroom and shower surfaces is our most common application of all the available treatments.  It is important to note that this treatment is a permanent alternation to the tile surface and in 95% of cases there will be little to no visual change to the tile.  However, as each tile is different, in 5% of cases, the treatment can discolour/dull the tiles and sometimes appear slightly cloudy/streaky.  This is normal and will improve with on-going cleaning but there is no way to foresee how a particular tiles will be react to the treatment.

It is for this reason that our tradesman always offer our clients a test patch before applying the treatment to the prescribed area.

non slip tape, paint, and etch treatment