Eileens Stairclimbers

stair lift

This month’s Home Mod of the Month is the stair climbers installed for our client, Eileen. Stair climbers provide our clients with a safe and secure lift up and down staircases with the push of a button! With the addition of stair climbers in the home, Eileen now has the capability to safely scale the stairs without the risk of falls and injuries. Eileenrequired the stair climber installation as she previously had struggles with the stairs and required a system that eliminated any fears of potential risks. The assurance and competence the stair climbers now provide are extremely welcome and have ensured Eileen maintains her independence.

Qspec’s stair climbers fold away when not in use and are available for both indoors and outdoors and for straight and curved staircases. They are a great solution for high set homes and are fit to the stairs with no structural changes.