Ceiling Hoist Installation Process and Components

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Did you know Qspec can supply and install ceiling hoists?
Qspec can supply and install tracks, turntables, hoist units and slings. The following information is useful in clarifying ceiling hoist considerations and the installation process.

Did you know Qspec can also design ceiling hoist track configurations to suit the existing floor plan and unique needs of the client?
The first thing that needs to be assessed prior to the ceiling hoist installation is the structural integrity of the building the hoist is being installed to. If required, a Form 15 will be issued by an Engineer which is used to certify the structure. At times the existing support is adequate but sometimes additional structural support will need to be added. Qspec are experts at preparing the environment to plan for the hoist install. Once the installation is ready to begin Qspec will install all hoist components. Depending on the complexity of the structure and hoist configuration this may take between 2 – 5 business days. Upon completion of the installation, the tradesmen will load test to the specified safe working load before handing over to the client.

Qspec can source and supply a range of suitable slings in many different fabrics and sizes.

Ceiling Hoist Configuration Examples

ceiling hoist floor plan

Ceiling Hoist Components  

A. Structural attachment point
B. Threaded rod
C. Ceiling bracket
D. Ceiling track
E. Traverse boom (track)
F. Charging station
G. X-Y gantry
H. Ceiling lift unit
I. Carry bar
J. Lift strap
K. Sling
L. Gate assembly
M. Linear track
N. Modified door header

Sling Options 
  • General purposeslings
  • Hammock slings
  • Toileting slings
  • Child slings
  • Specialty slings
  • Standing slings
ceiling hoist rails
Qspec Showroom Ceiling Hoist

Want to arrange a ceiling hoist trial? The Qspec showroom is equipped with a functional ceiling hoist. There are two sling options on hand for clients to use. If you would like to trial a particular sling, please feel free to bring your own sling.
*Please note, we recommend Health Professionals attend ceiling hoist trials with their clients.