Amanda’s Laundry Modification

laundry modification for accessibility

May’s Home Mod of the Month is the accessible laundry space created for our client Amanda. The redesigned window and bench installation has significantly increased Amanda’s independence and made doing laundry much easier!

Amanda required the modification as she is an amputee that was restricted to hopping through the wet laundry floors due to the external door not being wheelchair accessible. Amanda’s laundry process would consist of picking up a heavy laundry basket and hopping through the laundry and the door to the outside area. Due to laundry floor being wet at times, Amanda has previously suffered slips and falls while going through this process.

Qspec’s task was to minimise the risk of slips and falls and make the laundry process easier for Amanda. We modified the existing window in the laundry by changing it to sash opening window, which opens and closes by pushing it up or pulling to down. We then built a bench on the outside wall of the laundry so Amanda could instead pick up and push the basket through the open window and onto the bench.

Now, Amanda can safely traverse through the laundry and the door to the outside area while using her crutches, drastically increasing the safety of the process, and ensuring Amanda is confident in doing the laundry without lingering risks. Amanda stated the modification has met all her expectations and she would recommend Qspec’s service to others due to the modification enhancing her independence and the Qspec tradesmen being “brilliant”.